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"Voice of the Heart" was released on October 17, 1983 and I received it from my third sister for a Christmas gift that same year.  At the time of it's release, I thought that it was the album that Karen and Richard had been working on, preparing to release it.  Only much later did I learn that most of the songs were outtakes from previous recording sessions as early as 1975.  "Now" and "You're Enough" were both part of Karen's last recording session in 1982 when she was home from New York.  She had been in New York receiving treatment for Anorexia.
While this is not my favorite album, there are several songs that I do really enjoy listening to and overall have an emotional connection with the album as it came eight months after Karen's death.
The two singles released, "Make Believe It's Your 
First Time" and "Your Baby Doesn't Love you Anymore" didn't do well on the Billboard charts.  The album did make it to #46 in the US, #6 in the UK and #41 in Japan.
I have three copies of this album.  The one mentioned earlier that was a gift from my sister, the 180 gram 2017 release and a sealed original from 1983, that I found at an "antique mall" in 2017 for $5.00.
Voice of the Heart
Voice of the Heart, Carpenters
Voice of the Heart, Karen Carpenter
Voice of the Heart
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