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About me...

Hidden by a window pane
and all my sadness 
gone charade

I  wanted to create a catalog of my Carpenters collection, but creating a spreadsheet seemed a little boring.  So I decided that it would be fun to create a site that would have scans and photos of my actual collection, personal thoughts on many of the items and other pertinent information.  Each picture on this site is an item that was a gift or that I purchased.


I have been a fan of the Carpenters since I was about 5 years old (1970).  My two oldest sisters were fans and had albums and singles.  I received my first Carpenters 45 for my 8th birthday (see the picture) from my oldest sister and her husband  and my first Carpenters album for my 16th birthday from my 3rd sister.

I have enjoyed learning more about the Carpenters through the books that have been written about them, looking online, visiting with my friend/author, Randy Schmidt, reading David Grant's Carpenters page and the Carpenters forum at


For the friends and family who think my collection is a little "over the top", I would agree, but there are many people with MANY more items in their collections that what I own. I have enjoyed learning from them.  

Yesterday Once More
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