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If I were a Carpenter


This tribute album was released in 1994 and features alternative rock bands doing covers of Carpenters songs.  The album was the brainchild of producer Matt Wallace (Maroon 5, Replacements, Faith No More) and David Konjoyan.  It received high ratings and praise from ALLMUSIC, Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone and the Los Angeles Times. ​

It is a very interesting album and one that I don't listen to often.  "Superstar" by Sonic Youth is almost atonal.  After growing up with Richard's arrangements and Karen's warm voice, it is a let down to listen to these songs by these groups.  

I own two versions of this.  The first is the CD that was released in 1994 and then later I found a box set of the 45's.  The songs were released on 45's and the picture sleeve featured Karen through the years on one side and a matching Richard on the other side.  The box set is somewhat rare.

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