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Extra Singles

Only Yesterday
Top of the World
Goodbye to Love
Please Mr. Postman
The singles pictured above are my actual first copies of those songs. I didn't get them when they first came out with the picture sleeve. "Postman" and "Only Yesterday" are the actual singles.  The two in the middle were part of the A&M Forget Me Nots series, and it was a double side of two singles. You can see part of my address sticker and my name written on a couple.

Below is an extra copy of "Yesterday Once More" and the copy of "Goodbye to Love" was my sister's.  She had put it in a garage sale and I bought it. The white part at the top of the sleeve, "To Becky with love from Mother" 

Yesterday Once More
Goodbye to Love
Christmas Song
Merry Christmas Darling
It's Going to Take Some Time

An extra copy of "It's Going to Take Some Time" in an A&M sleeve that I hadn't seen before

Forget Me Nots series of two Christmas songs, with an interesting A&M sleeve.

A very cool thrift store find.  An unopened, original Forget Me Nots series of "Please Mr. Postman" back by "Solitaire"
Found it for $1.00.  Around the original sticker price.
Please Mr. Postman Golden Oldies
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