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Here are the posters that I currently own.  They have been stored in tubes, so they are a little curled at the edges.
The "Voice of the Heart" poster I purchased not long ago on eBay.  I actually had the original one from the fan club, but at some point in moving it became torn and was disposed of.  I also had a poster that was displayed in a video was an advertisement for their 80's VHS collection "Yesterday Once More".  It also was disposed of at some point and I haven't been able to find another.
The white poster that has a picture and simply says "Carpenters", is a lithograph that I received when I purchased the vinyl versions of the Royal Philharmonic recording.  I have two of them because I purchased both the white and black vinyl.
The final poster, I purchased from Randy Schmidt.  It is taken from the cover of his book.  It is my favorite photo of Karen.
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