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This album is considered to be the final Carpenters album, as it is the last album with mostly unreleased material.  Although the album was released on August 1, 2001, I am unsure when I actually purchased this CD.  I purchased prior to 2004, as that was the US release of this album and I purchased the Japanese version.
The album is an eclectic mix of tunes recorded between 1967 - 1980.  It includes demos, outtakes, live performances and television performances.  Two of the songs feature Richard on the piano and two of the medleys feature Ella Fitzgerald and Perry Como.  On the Japanese release there is a bonus/hidden track after the final track listed.  On the US edition, "And When He Smiles" is the actual final track.
This is not an album that I listen to often.  I basically purchased it as a completist and wish it had also been released on vinyl. 
As Time Goes By
As Time Goes By
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