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Treasured Wall Hangings

Three of my newest treasures are these three wall hangings.

This first one was an ink drawing done by my daughter. I received it for Christmas 2020.  She did the drawing of the early silhouette, added hearts on the corners (because I love "A Song for You") and then wrote lyrics from their songs.


I then scanned the drawing and had it made into a metal wall hanging at Walgreens.  It measures 11"x14".  I LOVE it!!! 

Sorry for the reflection of light on the side...


My final new wall decoration is this beautiful cover of the 1977 album, "Passage".

While it has not always been one of my favorite Carpenters Albums (it has grown on me through the years), it does have probably their coolest cover.  I wanted a poster of the cover and couldn't find one.  After searching a little while for information about the artist, I messaged him on FaceBook. I asked if he had a poster and he said he did have one from A&M records, but it was torn and was the only one he had.  The price was more than I wanted to pay.  He then offered to print me a copy on museum quality paper, archive ink and sign it.  The price was more comfortable and I said "YES".  I then had it framed at Hobby Lobby in early January 2021.  The actual print is slightly larger than an actual album cover.  It is truly a beautiful piece of art.


This next one was a gift from my oldest song for Christmas 2020. 


He had purchased several metal wall hangings from a company called Displate.  I thought they were pretty cool, so he decided to order this one for me.

It measures 12x18".

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