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The Complete Singles

2015 PBS

This set is a PBS exclusive.  It was available during a fundraising campaign that showed the video "Close to You:  Remembering the Carpenters".  If you made a pledge, you would receive this 3-CD set, a DVD of the program and a copy of Christmas Portrait.  This was my Christmas gift that year.

Every  single is included here, and all have been sourced from original single master tapes, with just two exceptions: the first two mono tracks were sourced from original vinyl. It also includes the "b" side of the single.  

Some of the mixes of these tracks are making their first-ever appearance on CD. You will also find the 1974 single version of "Santa Claus is Comin' To Town", and shorter versions of "Mr. Guder" and "Look to Your Dreams".

The three discs themselves use artwork from the three main eras of A&M labels that Carpenters recorded under: the old ochre color, the silver & tan design, and the flying red logo design.  Basically the singles on each CD have the same color they would have had when first released.

One of the coolest sets I have.  

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