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"A Song for You" ranks in my top 2-3 of all Carpenters albums and also contains what is probably my favorite song recorded by the duo, "A Song for You".  Depending upon my mood, or what I am listening to/for, my favorite seems to change around every so often.

This album was released on June 22, 1972 and contains no less than five singles:  "Hurting Each Other", "It's Going to Take Some Time", "Goodbye to Love", "Top of the World" and " I Won't Last a Day Without You".  A sixth song charted.  "Bless the Beasts and the Children" was released as the "b" side to "Superstar" and reached number 67 on the Billboard charts.

The album peaked at number 4 on the Billboard 200.  The three albums above were;  #3  "School's Out" - Alice Cooper, #2 "Honky Chateau" - Elton John and #1 "Chicago V" - Chicago.  

There are a couple different covers to this album.  The original cover (top picture of 2017 release)  has the small font title of the album and the flap with their silhouette.  After the initial release, the artwork was redesigned (middle photo) with larger font for the title and  "Carpenters"  moved.  The heart was also made larger. On later pressings, the artwork was changed back to the original, but the flap was removed and the cardboard was glossy.  (bottom photo).    The inner sleeve contained the lyrics to all of the songs and had colored drawings that matched the song titles. 

The first album of "A Song for You" I purchased, was in August of 1983.  I would assume it was from WalMart, although I didn't write that information down.


The original label would have been the A&M "ocre" label.  My picture is from the 2017 release.  The "white" label is from one of my other albums  which would have been a reissue of the album.

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