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The Singles 1969-1981


With this album, Richard is trying to create the definitive hits album.  It includes all of the songs from their "Singles 69-73" album, some of the songs off of their second Singles album and some of the better selling singles from later in their career.  

Two new things were done for this album.  There is one new segue.  After "I Won't Last a Day Without You", there is a piano solo that modulates to a new key and it goes in to "Close to You".  There is also a different version of "For All We Know" that was arranged by Marvin Hamlisch and was used on the London Bridge Special in 1972.  It is very short.

A great album to listen to to hear all of their hits.  I have the US version.  The rest of the world had a different photo on the cover.

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