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Ticket to Ride  / Your Wonderful Parade - 1969

This is the only single to be released from the Offering/Ticket to Ride album.  It was released on November 5, 1969 and peaked at #54 on Billboard on February 14, 1970.  The mono single version is only heard on the original 45 and on Carpenters - The Complete Singles CD set (PBS exclusive).  On the album, the piano introduction is 12 measures longer.  Both sides of the single are mono.  It is the only Carpenters single not to be released in stereo.

In 1973, the lead vocal was re-recorded and guitar was added for the album The Singles 69-73.  This

      is the version that is heard on most compilations.  The original album version can be heard on four albums, including the original, but the '73 version is included on over 30 compilation albums.

The speaking part at the beginning of "Your Wonderful Parade" is different than on the album.  It isn't just edited, it is a complete different take.  There has been some discussion in recent years, stating that "Parade" was the planned "A" side in the beginning.

Ticket to Ride, Carpenters
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