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Superstar /

Bless the Beasts and the Children - 1971

"Superstar" was released on August 12, 1971 and peak on Billboard at #2 on September 4.  It was held out of the #1 spot by "Maggie May/Reason to Believe" by Rod Stewart, which is interesting to me since they had recorded "Reason to Believe" for the album "Close to You". 


This single is considered a double "A" side, as "Bless the Beasts..." was received radio play and charted.  It reached #67 on November 10, 1971.  It was also released on the soundtrack of the movie of the same title.  I have included pictures on the Japanese released single, which is the soundtrack version.  Rather than an English Horn at the very beginning, a vibraphone is used.  It is also a different vocal take.  


The Carpenters changed a lyric in the song.  Originally, the verse says "And I can hardly wait to sleep with you again".  The Carpenters version is "And I can hardly wait to be with you again".


Richard had heard Bette Midler perform the song on The Tonight Show and felt it would be a good fit for Karen.  There recording is her first take, while reading the lyrics off of a napkin.   

Both of these singles were purchased from eBay. The alternate cover for Superstar was purchased in 2023 at a thrift store.  Lucky find.

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