The Christmas Albums

Christmas Portrait - 1978

An Old Fashioned Christmas - 1984

Christmas Portrait Special Edition - 1984

Christmas Collection - 1996

The original "Christmas Portrait" was released in 1978.  It was originally released on vinyl, cassette and 8-track.  I have the vinyl.  As of 1998, this album 

As of January 2019, the album peaked at number  

The second Christmas album released was "An Old Fashioned Christmas" released in 1984.  They loved Christmas music so much and had recorded several extra songs for "Portrait".  There was not enough of Karen's vocals to fill an album, so Richard recorded instrumental selections to fill out the album. He later wished it hadn't been released, as there was no promotion from the label and was released as a cheap  I have this album on vinyl. 

Also in 1984, a "Special Edition" was released on CD, in which Richard selected songs from each project and combined them in to one album.  Although this was the only CD version I had for quite sometime, it wasn't my favorite to listen to as I had memorized the order of songs on the vinyl.  I have this CD.  I received a 2nd CD of this album when I received the PBS set of "The Complete Singles".  I gave it to my daughter.

In 1996 The Christmas Collection was released.  This two-CD collection had both of the original Christmas albums in their original form.  I have this 2-CD set.