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The Vinyl Collection was released in the fall of 2017.  It consisted of new pressings of each of the studio albums with reproductions of the original artwork, including weight of the jackets, texture, etc.

Universal Music Group sourced out the pressing of the vinyl and many people received sub-standard albums.  I was one of them.  Out of the 12 albums, 5 of the albums I received had issues.  UMG required that the damaged albums be destroyed and pictures sent to them for proof, then they would replace.  I had to break 5 albums...which almost killed me, but I received the replacements and the 180 gram vinyl albums are awesome.

The main picture on this page is the official photo of the set, as mine are all separated and not in the box anymore.  I did use those albums for pictures of each album on this website.  I have also included the pictures that I sent in to UMG in order to receive my replacements.

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