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Solitaire /

Love Me for What I Am

Released on July 18, 1975, "Solitaire" would be their lowest charting single, reaching only number 17 on September 20, 1975.  That week, number 16 was "Dance With Me" by Orleans and the number one song was "Fame" by David Bowie.  It was their 12th number one on the Adult Contemporary chart.

The song which had been recorded by such artists as Andy Williams, Petula Clark, The Searchers and by the composer of the song, Neil Sedaka.  Neil had been fired in 1975 as the Carpenters opening act.  

I do like this song.  I liked the album version (used on most of the compilations), but really like the single version which added a pipe organ on the chorus. (and is only on the 45 and a couple of compilations).  I purchased this 45 on eBay.

The "b" side was also from "Horizon".

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