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I remember seeing this set at a music store at Battlefield Mall in Springfield, MO.  Of course, that was pre-internet.  I can't remember what I paid for the set, but I remember it felt like a huge amount at the time.  I purchased it shortly after it was released.  This is the 12" box set.  It would later be re-packaged in to a long box.

At the time, this was the ultimate Carpenters release.  It had songs that had never been released on CD, Karen's solo work from 1966, demo recordings and a whole bunch of remixes.  It was so exciting to listen to this music that I had never heard before.  

I keep the CDs from this set with all of the my other CDs.  The box is kept with my vinyl albums.  There was also a large booklet that came with the box.  It has lyrics and stories.  The green "foam" that surrounds the CDs is a little discolored.

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