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Druscilla Penny

A song written for Sesame Street with background vocals by a children's choir, this is not liked by the critics.  It did peak at #3 on February 24, 1973 after being released on January 30.  It was kept out of #2 and #1 by "Tie a Yellow Ribbon" by Tony Orlando and Dawn and "The Night the Lights went out in Georgia" by Vicki Lawrence. It was #1 on the Adult Contemporary chart and sold over 1 million copies.   

When on tour, the Carpenters would have a local children's choir perform with them and Karen would sing part of the song in the language of wherever they were on tour.  They also recorded a Spanish version.

While this was a favorite song of mine when I was young, this is one song that I skip almost every time it comes up when I am listening to a CD or digitally.

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