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I Believe You


You've heard of a "man without a country"?  Well this is the single without an album.  It was released in October of 1978 and was to be a part of a new 1978 album...but that album never materialized, due to Karen's health and Richard's drug addiction.  It would be three more years before a new album would appear and this single would be part of that new album:  1981's "Made in America".
While it did reach #9 on the Adult Contemporary charts, it would be the lowest charting Carpenters single at #68 (except for "Ticket to Ride").
It is on multiple compilations.  It is not a song that I seek out to listen to, but I don't always skip when it comes on.   I purchased this single on eBay several years ago.
I Believe You
I Believe You, Carpenters
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