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I knew through the fan club that this album was going to be released and I couldn't wait.  I had heard some of the tracks from this album used in "The Karen Carpenter Story", a made for television movie of the week and was excited to get the album.  It was released on October 31, 1989 and I purchased it at Battlefield Mall in Springfield, MO, probably the very week it was released.  It was the first Carpenters album to be released on CD on it's initial release, but since I had all vinyl Carpenters albums, that is what I purchased.  I am glad I did, as the vinyl seems a little more rare now.  It is also the last Carpenters album to be released on vinyl.
The album didn't chart in the US, but did reach #73 in the UK.  "Lovelines" song selections were a mixture of leftover tracks from the past (some finished and some not) and a few selections from Karen's solo project (none of which had been heard prior to this release).  It was sort of a 20th Anniversary album.
This album is one of my favorites, probably in my top 4.  There are songs on this album that I feel are stronger than songs that were actually placed on previous albums.  It is also cool to hear Richard's mixing of Karen's solo songs and compare them to the original mixing by Phil Ramone from the 1996 release.
Carpentes Lovelines
Carpenters Lovelines
Carpenters Lovelines
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