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After five consecutive albums reaching the US top five, "Horizon" broke this run by peaking at number 13.  It was released on June 6, 1975 and was recorded using the then-state-of-the-art 24-track recording technology.  In my opinion, Karen is at her best on this album.  This album was a huge success in both the UK and in Japan, topping the charts and becoming one of the best-selling albums of 1975 in those countries.

The album yielded three singles.  "Please Mr. Postman" was released 7 months prior to the release of the album and reached number 1 in the US and numerous other countries and became the Carpenters biggest hit single worldwide.  "Only Yesterday" would peak at number 4 and "Solitaire" would reach number 17, making it the lowest charting single by the Carpenters at that time.

This is one of my top 1-2 Carpenters albums of all time.  Karen's voice is rich and warm, the technical way in which this album was recorded is wonderful and there are several songs that really enjoy listening to.  I enjoy all of the songs on this album, although I don't always enjoy "Postman" as it doesn't really seem to "fit".  Richard has remarked that the album is slow and had too many ballads.  I love "I Can Dream, Can't I".  Several of the songs showcase Karen's low notes and the richness of her voice.

The photos are from the 2017 release.  The cover has the photo on the front and a flap on the back.  "Carpenters" is embossed on the flap.  The inner sleeve had a photo on one side and song info on the other side.  The label is the "white" label, which was the label used during this time period in A&M history.  I purchased my original copy of this in Wichita, KS in July of 1983 at a mall there....probably Town East Square.  We had a foreign exchange student from Japan for three weeks that summer and went to visit my sister's family.  I remember Kazuhiro bought SEVERAL albums on that trip.

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