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The Complete Fan Club Letters.  

They came in a blue 3-pronged folder with a Carpenters sticker on the front.  

I later had them spiral bound and made a new cover.  Carpenters circle in on the front is a copy of a red and white patch that I received from the fan club.


< Here is a scan of the patch. 

Carpenter Fan Club

This is a key chain from the Carpenters fan club.  I can't remember if I ordered it or if it came when I joined and received the fan club letters.

The Carpenters

This was a generic photo that I received from the fan club.  They did not actually sign my copy, but the original, before copies were made.

The Carpenters
The Karen Carpenter Story
Richard Carpenter
Carpenters Fan Club Letters
Carpenters Made in America

Sometime in 1989, my mother wrote to Richard Carpenter to let him know how much she had enjoyed their music and to tell him what an impact Karen's voice and their music had on me.  She received this signed publicity photo from Richard.  She later gave it to me.

I think this is one of the coolest things I own.  Randy Schmidt gave it to me in 2005.  It is a script from the 1989 movie The Karen Carpenter Story.  

I had it spiral bound and made a cover for it.

This booklet is a 1975 interview with the Carpenters.  They discuss their new album, Horizon, their past and their thoughts on the then current music scene.

Made in America bumper sticker that I received when I joined the fan club.

carpenters patch.jpg

Full Entertainment Weekly article.  I should have kept the whole magazine, but tore out the article to keep. 

This article discusses the 1994 tribute album, If I Were a Carpenter.

1996 Entertainment Weekly article on the posthumous release of Karen's solo album, Karen Carpenter.

Again, I didn't keep the whole magazine, just the full article.

From TV Guide, a page add for the 1989 movie, The Karen Carpenter Story.

These two items, the tote bag and the CD case, were given to me by Randy Schmidt in 2005.  He was one of the planners for the 30th Anniversary Celebration and had these extra items.  He thought I might like to add them to my collect.

Karen passed away my senior year of high school.  Shortly after her death, we had to pick our topic for a Senior English research paper.  I chose Anorexia Nervosa.  There was no internet...  All of the research was done in the library looking for magazines or microfilm that I could use to write the paper.  Karen, of course, is mentioned in the paper.

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